~Fishing In Cape Breton~


Cape Breton Island is by far the most accessible place in the world that offers a great Atlantic Salmon fishery. I offer guiding on the world famous Margaree River and the rugged North River as well as Middle River and Baddeck River for both Atlantic Salmon and Trout. Our Salmon season runs from June 1st to the end of October.



A mid summer’s eve walk to the pool, fly rod in hand and the swoosh of waders down a narrow, winding trail through a hayfield. Cool air from the highlands falls into the valley. The smell of spruce and juniper mix with wild flowers and the salty ocean breeze from the day. The river is tucked into the shadow of the hills and the anticipation of an Atlantic Salmon rising to a dry fly rings in your ear louder then the crickets. Summer time on the Margaree is filled with magic; easily waded and vast. Because of its simplistic beauty, Margaree has been the choice of thousands of anglers over the past century. 

For those who are up for a hike, North Rivers offers a spectacular wilderness adventure. Just a 30 minute drive from Baddeck along the world famous Cabot Trail. Its haunting deep black pools and peat stained water spilling over bedrock will have you reciting Norman Maclean. North River holds a run of both summer and fall salmon. Steep gorges and water falls are a common site along with a variety of wildlife that share this river valley. The majority of its pools are within a protected wilderness area so traveling by foot along its rugged banks are the only means of travel… and the most rewarding.


September on Cape Breton Island is a time of transition. In early morning our river valleys are kissed with blankets of fog, quickly burning off in the morning sun. Leaves are starting to turn the hills into a masterpiece of creation. Moose are on the move and our main rivers are scattered with summer fish; the lower sections starting to see the fall run poke their noses into the lower pools, waiting for heavy fall rain before making their journey upstream. October brings us down-filled jackets, coffee and smouldering campfires along the riverbanks. The hardwood hills have become a dramatic landscape of brilliant red, orange and yellow. Our fly selection shifts mostly to larger, brightly colour flies. We also enjoy salmon fishing on two additional watersheds - Baddeck and Middler River in October.



Full Day
$350 Plus $75 for each additional angler
Half Day    

$250 Plus $75 for each additional angler
6am-12pm or 1pm-7pm

Please reach out with any questions.